Why can we cast to Tower class like this?

This part I get it. In order to get the tank class, first I need to create a pointer pointing to Tank class in game mode.h, and then store the tank class in the pointer by using GameplayStatics::GetPlayerPawn(). . Therefore, I can acess the HandleDestruction() function in that class.

But this part I don’t get it and the system is also prventing me from compiling. Why don’t I need to repeat the process before? Why can I cast to Tower class from (DeadActor)? I think there is nothing in DeadActor class.

If that’s OK, why can’t I cast to Tank the same way like this?

Did you include the header for ATower?

You are? I’m a little confused.

Because it’s a pointer to an AActor and ATower derives from that.

DeadActor isn’t a class, it’s a variable of type AActor*

You can’t? Do you get any errors?

Thanks for replying. I got it. I was just lost in DeadActor and forgot I needed to pass DamagedActor in the paramater later on. That’s why it can be done like that.

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