Why are we using a timeline instead of Cinemachine?

In the second video Rick states that we will be creating the rail using Cinemachine. But we are using Timeline?

Hi Paul,

Are you sure that Rick creates the rail with the Cinemachine? If so, could you please point me to the minute in the video where you see that he is using the Cinemachine?

From what I see, the title of the video is ‘Master Timeline For Player Rail’. In the video, he uses the Timeline. Maybe I missed something?

Hi Nina,
No he never uses it, that is my point, but if you view the second video where Rick outlines the details in this section, the Rail shooter he says we will be using Cinemachine to create the rail.

Thanks a lot. I checked the video (‘Game Design - Argon Assault’), and you are absolutely right. In the first video of this section, Rick says he would be using the Timeline tool for the rail. In the second video, he suddenly claimed he would be using the Cinemachine, which is definitely not the case. He probably meant to say Timeline.

Using the Cinemachine to create a trail does not make any sense because the cinemachine controls the camera only, not any game objects. Also, the cinemachine does not have any built-in extension that would allow us to create a rail. Or rather: I’ve never heard/read about that feature in the Cinemachine package.

Since the video is already a couple of years old, I’m surprised that this is the first time I read about this mistake. I’m putting the problem on Rick’s list. Thanks for bringing this up. :slight_smile:

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