Why are we learning wrong Gamedesign?

Multiple other Gamedevs have pointed out to me that using a Particle System for this is just wrong and not what i should be using, i should be instantiating the arrow as a gameobject, not as an particle.
Why are we learning things that we shouldnt do, im Questioning my Purchase of the Course.

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Ok, so you could do either. Both would work, as you can see the particle does what the goal is, but a game object is more flexible as you could script more behavior into it.

The course is solid, but in short their is no one way to accomplish something, that is programming. Some solutions may be better than others, but if they achieve the goal, it does not make them wrong.

Take the knowledge you learn of the particle at face value and see that things can be creatively used.


The problem is the particle system detection is quite messy, buggy and doesnt work half the time for me.

In my experience, I’ve had more trouble with an instantiated projectile object not triggering collisions. It seems to me that it’s not an issue with particle systems, but unity’s ability to handle collisions at high speeds. I’ve been trying to look into making sure collisions are handled at higher speeds, but it’s all over my head right now.

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Switching collision detection from discrete to continuous tends to help with the high speeds problem.


This is gonna be a little long and hard to explain, but I’ll try to keep it as simple and short as possible.

Let’s talk about what Game Design is and what it isn’t. Game Design is about creating an interactive experience with a certain set of goals. It’s knowledge that can be used in any sort of game, not just video games. I’m telling you this because there’s a HUGE misconception of what this humungous topic actually is.

Now I’ll give you a list of very common things people claim are “Game Design” but in fact, they aren’t

  • Particle effects
  • Camera movement and effects
  • Special effects or post-processing
  • Coding
  • Writing a story
  • Balance
  • Playing games (Seriously, I’ve seen YouTube videos saying that you can learn Game Design by playing games, like no, no you can’t unless you conscientiously study them)
  • Physics
  • And many more…

Using particles might be a bad practice, but it truly depends on your goal. In this particular case, we want the bullets to bounce, you’ll have to code that behavior if you use objects, there’s no need to code if you use particles. You’ll also have to code a pooling system, that’s a little advance for that particular lecture.

The course is designed for beginners, the idea behind using particles is to introduce you to them, this way you can learn what the system is capable of, its limitations, and its advantages.

If you are having issues with the system I recommend experimenting a bit, figure out if it’s your code causing the issue or the system itself, if it is the latest you can change versions and see if that fixes your bugs, but be warned, changing versions might cause a lot of errors and unexpected behaviors. Try copy-pasting your project’s folder, add it to Unity Hub, then change the version of the copied project.


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