Who's Claire and why is she on my youtubes?

This ad started showing up pretty consistently on youtube.

Sure enough, the link leads to this course.

Now, I’m a big fan of this course and spend a lot of time with it - so I was a little surprised to hear “Claire” tell me about “Her Course” that features “16 hours of on demand video”. WTF? Isn’t this course more like 245 hours?:slight_smile:

Anyway, just thought I’d ask in case anybody knew what’s up. Kinda weird ad.

I saw a similar one a while ago for the Unity course. From what I can tell it is Udemy advertising - using @Ben and team’s courses in their adverts.

It is indeed Udemy advertising our course for us.

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Well that sure is nice of them.


From memory, Udemy’s cut of the student’s payment is bigger if they do the advertising/marketing - depends how students get to the site and order/pay for the course etc.

And you are getting this ad on your Youtube videos due to the fact that Google are the best when it comes to suggesting tailored searches, INCLUDING those on the Youtubes. I search a lot of 3D how-to videos; and if you’ve watched any Blender tutorials, timelapses, or showcases, then this video will come up. I can verify this, because I watch a number of these, and my advertisements have become very 3D centric, including even receiving this specific ad a number of times.


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