Who I Am "How to Get a Job in the Video Game Industry" Introduction

My name is Cameron, I am currently 26 and I am in the USA, I have always had an interest and a love for video games. I enjoy playing different genres, especially RPGs with good plots and lore and words to explore and characters to learn about.

It is from that joy and excitement in games that I have been wanting to learn how to make video games myself. My dream job would be for me to become a Video Game Dev, either with a company as part of a team with helping to code, or test development. Or as an indie developer to make my own games solo.
(Once I can learn enough and gain the needed skills and experience for either case)

I went to school and graduates with a Bachelor of Science Major in Computer Science.
I want to use my major and interest in video games to find a job in the industry.

I hope to complete this course with the added information on how to expand my current skill set and knowledge to help find a job in this field.

I am focusing on the job of a gameplay programmer, it feels like a very good fit and I hope to continue the course to learn and work to have the skills and knowledge to apply for the job.