Who could live in a house like this?

For the Multiple Materials Challenge I found a nice modern home on Google I thought I would put my take on. I’m pretty happy.

I played about with Textures on the brick-work to get some practice. The sky is a simple ColorRamp and I’ve tried to keep the Sun and simple lighting in mind when framing shots. The grass is a 2 minute YouTube tutorial linked below. It’s passable from this viewpoint.

Edit: Eventually got around to mending the fence, which improves the image a little more…


Very nicely done. :grinning:


It is a great house model And as you learn more techniques such scenes will get quicker and easier. Are you particularly interested in Architectural visualisation?

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Thanks folks, the positivity is really encouraging.

@NP5 - I don’t especially have an interest in architectural over other aspects, although I do very much enjoy it. I have an educational background in tech drawing and wood working plans, so I probably find those a little less taxing.

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My only suggestion: change brown into mid/light gray - If you not planing to put wood texture for decking and stairs - make it a concrete. A tiny bit of bevel modifier and you have a good looking slabs.


That is a great looking house that you have modelled, well done! :smiley:


Awesome! Very nicely done! How many different materials do you have to make all these brick variations?

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@TripleJ, thank you - actually the brick work is an image texture with diffuse and dissolve texture.

The hardest part I found was actually the mapping and to a lesser degree the scaling.

I modelled a simple brick as a reference (hidden in render) to the actual dimensions I found online of that type of brick and matched up my texture scaling.

I’m on my mobile now, but when I’m at my PC later - I’ll link the brick resource (which I now notice I neglected to add in my OP), and you can follow and have a play with at some point if you’re interested.

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