Which version of unity?

i was planning on starting to learn unity but i am a little confused as to which version i must install as there are 4 to 5 versions currently available(not sure which are stable). and i am considering taking a course for unity, so taking this into consideration which version must i download?

If you want to follow the course(s) step by step you will want the specific version used by that course. The 2D course uses v2018.1, the 3D course uses v2017.1 and the RPG course uses v2018.3

As the instructors explain you can use newer versions but you will have to work a little harder as functionality and/or placement of commands do change between versions. The important thing is to make sure the 3rd portion of the version number contains an β€œf” as that denotes the stable version (i.e. 2019.1.12f1 or 2018.3.14f1)

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I’ve been using 2019 and so far I only have had some issues in Laser defender with some of the prefab things as those buttons and terms have changed. Once you figure it out, it’s not too bad.

Hi Sathvik,

It does not matter which version you install as long as it is not older than the version the instructor uses in the videos. As @Capricas_Kirito mentioned, install only versions with an β€œf” in it. This is important because alpha and beta versions are often very buggy.

In Unity 2018.3, a new prefab was implemented. I assume that @Eric_Mesa’s issues referred to that. In my opinion, it is easier to use than the old refab system.

Has your question been answered?


sure that was helpful thanks.

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