Which Traditional RPG Board Game?

We are going back to the roots of RPGs.

Which one of these tradition RPG board games do you guys like the most?

  • Warhammer / Warhammer 40k
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Pathfinder
  • Traveller

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If there is anything you want to add as to what you like the most about the game let us know down here :slight_smile:

I find I like Pathfinder the best. Sure it’s not the most traditional, but I’m a big fan of the 3.5 ruleset and the universe is very fun and interesting. Still like the others, though I’ve never heard of Traveller.

I have a weekly pathfinder society group on Mondays I go to where we have a lot of laughs.

I’m sorry Michael, but Pathfinder IS D&D, as much as i love Pathfinder (and not too much "back to the roots), it’s a revised (and incredibly expanded version of D&D 3.5) the lore of it is awesome though. I DM since AD&D, and i got to say i used to love 3.x/Path but 5E is totally great…

Other oldschool RPGs i like Runequest, LoTRrpg and Call of Cthulhu…

The lore of PF is awesome, but i got reaaaally tired of the power bloat and rules creep… there’s just too much about it. DMd 3.x since it came out once a week until a couple of years ago when i switched to 5E… I’m DMing Dungeon World nowadays… reaaaally rules-lite and easy to run…

Interesting to hear and I agree those have been issues others have had, which is why PFS is quite fun as they trim down classes and things to try and make everything fair. You still get some weird combinations though with people going really out there and I really enjoy my Bard’s soundstrike ability (which they nerfed for PFS as it’s original rules were WAAAAY over-powered) and no one goes beyond 16th in PFS. 16th is when you retire.

Not too interested in 5e to be honest, I struggle with learning new rules too well, which is a shame as I like the idea of playing games like Savage Worlds, WoD or Shadowrun.

So when we think those games, I kind of think turn based. Are thinking a game more like legend of zelda or classic elder scrolls?

I remember when i allowed the Gunslinger, one of my players replaced his character who had died the previous session. when he entered there was a bit of combat but nothing alarming, then came the boss (A terrible Golem of Flesh and Adamantite) who was supposed to be quite hard for them. a couple of shots and down went the monster… needless to say his character found his end a couple of sessions later and i banned that class altogether :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks I didnt know that, We didn’t include rogue traders as I knew it was part of the Warhammer world :slight_smile:

We are looking behind the scenes at the underlaying mechanics that drive these games, a lot of RPGs seem to have a magical dice rolling in the background regardless of it being an Action RPG or a turn based.

Nice, good old magic dice, do you plan on making it even more complex and use various dice sizes, 4, 6, 8, 20 ect

Only under the hood, I presume you have no interest in showing the player dice?

That could depend, if it were turn based, then maybe yes. Gives the feel of a board game, especially to players that are nostalgic about them.

I remember playing axis and allies as a board game, then on PC and they had simulated dice as an option.

I have to say I’ve never played the board games, only video game RPG incantations (perhaps there should be an extra option for people like myself who aren’t knowledgeable?).

My vote would be to go wtih the most modern and cut back RPG system that’s out there, whether it be one of the ones above, or a different one entirely. I’m personally against bloat and prefer clean cut, focused games/software that do few things REALLY well.

I wouldn’t mind doing something like Baldur’s Gate where you could click on an option to show the dice if you wanted to know how you missed what appeared to be a perfect shot of how you keep getting killed by Kobolds like I did.

Of course, in that game we’re talking about 2nd edition which was more complex than later editions where in that one you had THACO and AC went down and apparently lower was better (???) but it was still fun to look at, at those times.

I’m love to see a pathfinder-based one and may set a game with those rules, but know due to copyrite I wouldn’t be allowed to reference the fluff stuff like the gods, world or places, which would work better to my advantage then being tied to existing lore.

Another great one was ice wind dale and the witcher, ice wind dale was after baldurs gate and a bit more polished

Instead of medieval fantasy how about a good space based RPG

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Please not another dwarves and elves cod-medieval mash up. The world is drowning in wizards and gnomes. Please, for all our sakes, something a bit different.

Thanks, We are only looking at the mechanics of RPGs at the moment. Anything further will be community driven :slight_smile:


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