Which Kickstarter next?


Which of these Kickstarters would you back today?

  • Amazon Lumberyard
  • Unity Mobile Games
  • Maths For Games
  • Pure C++
  • Unreal Blueprint

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current score on all facebook(blender, unreal and unity group) polls is

1. unity mobile games 311
2. maths 285
3. pure C++ 232
Updated march 8 15:30 CET

couldn’t find a poll in godot course group.


I’m thinking scarcity first. There are a lot of mobile Games and Pure C++ courses
Lumberyard is new and not that developed by the looks of it but a good chance.
However, Math for games is hard to come by and would really be a cornerstone to all
game designers.


@ben when are you guys planning to have the kickstarter?


Thanks for this guys. We’re meeting about this tomorrow, no firm dates or plans just yet.


I agree, especially if GameDev can do what they do with all their courses and make it fun. :slight_smile:


do we get to know what the next kickstarter will be before it starts?


We have a mail list here for the Maths For Games interest list…


We’re still deciding between that and pure C++, but falling more on the maths side right now. Need to focus on handing the Unreal Course remaster to @Gavin_Milroy then I’ll be on it.


It’s exciting times in the world of gamedev tv! :grin:

Really looking forward to helping out on the remaster!