Which courses should I take after the first one?

I’m doing the beginner course of grant abbot and wanted to know which courses should I do after I finish it?
Is there a recomanded order ?


Not really any recommended order. Just do what interests you the most right now. All of it is worth learning :smiley:


It is not a series in that sense. It depends on your direction of interests really.
Low poly landscape one is one option, the Character Creator more demanding.
Sculpting more stand alone the 3D sculpting of a dragon.
Anime Character creator is good for its non sculpting and basic topology building.


Thanks, I meant which course will give me more advanced methods and new stuff to be aware of. also, I’m more interested in animation

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what did you decide on cause we have same question.

It’s a bit difficult to answer. There is no best and “all the advanced techniques” course. I think all the other courses will contain new stuff to be aware of. But you need to decide on a direction yourself. For example, you won’t be a good environment artist if you only take courses on making characters.

If you cannot decide on a direction right now. Just take another course from the beginners bundle, such as low poly landscapes or low poly characters. Easy to follow a long but gives you an idea of what it’s like to create characters or environments. If you like one more than the other, you can step up to Blender Character design or Blender Environment Artist.

You learn how to rig and make a basic animations of your creations in the Blender Character and Anime Character course. But I don’t think they have a course that focuses solely on animation here. If you’re looking for a paid course I could reccomend “Alive!” by p2design. There are many other animation courses, but that’s one that I’m planning to take when I have time.

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