Which courses have subtitles(CC) available?


I did try with new GameDev website, and found some of my courses have subtitles(CC) available and other courses have no subtitles. I can not find any information about whether or not a course already have subtitles available in GameDev website before purchase it.

For the Godot courses, which one already have subtitles available in GameDev.tv, which one have not subtitles yet?

Hi Coder168,

Apologies that we did not respond to this question in our normal timely manner.
This was my fault as i read the question and was talking to the production team and lost track of replying.
Eventually all our courses will have subtitles added to them but as this is done manually it takes quite a bit of time to get them all added as you can imagine.
As this is the case it was felt adding a tag to show that a course has subtitles was not needed as we would eventually be removing it as they would all have them.

I apologize that they are not all there yet and for the delay in the reply to your question.

All the best

Hi Marc,

I am glad to know all GameDev courses will have subtitles in the future. I do understand this may take time to do for all courses.
For this moment, could GameDev please provide an way to allow the course potential buyers to know whether or not the course already have subtitles available(/unavailable/partial available) before purchase? Since this is an important aspect of learning experience and one element of making purchase decision for non-English-native-speakers.

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