Which blueprint template and scale - player is a fly buzzing around an office

Hi all,
I have a question about unreal but its not related to the course at all …where should I post it?

To give context the question is this:

I want to make a game where the player is a fly and navigates around an office / home environment. Which start up file would be best - the flying one? My concern is predominantly related to scale. I’m pretty much a complete newbie (have done a bunch of the official unreal youtu be vids) but assume that the flying template is more suited for large scale outdoor environments. I’m also hoping the player can flick between FP and third person mode.

Hi @Sarntinel, in the root of Inreal. Thanks for asking, I’ll move it for you this time.

Does the player want to float or walk?

Thanks Ben. I would like the player to be able to fly around freely. It will be designed for mobile. Its a prototype im developing for an elearning course and time is limited so im hoping to be able to use blueprints rather than coding…at least for the concept / prototype

I’m hoping that I can simply rescale the player to be fly sized while all the other assets are their normal size

How far through the course have you got so far?

Hi Ben.
I have purchased the unreal course but have not really started it yet. My focus has been on the blender course of which I am currently about 80% through.

I have done about 50 of the official unreal youtube tutorials so I have a very basic knowledge of the engine. I know hwo to navigate the UI, do some basic blueprinting. .build a level. Although my knowledge is lackluster ive taken on this project because there was a bit of a lull in my workload at work and thought I would take on the challenge of creating an elearning game.

Fortunately there is no external pressure to do this, apart from the pressure I put on myself…but I wanted the challenge. Having said that I have given myself a September deadline as that is when my boss leaves for a year and wanted to show him and my new boss hopefully something decent. So in that sense there is some pressure to at least get a nice prototype going.

The game itself isn’t massive. The universe will be restricted to an office and I think its achievable if I put my mind to it and focus my efforts on the knowledge that I specifically need to complete the game. I am currently building some of the assets I need for the office in blender although i may need to resort of purchasing some if i run out of time. I dont want to spend too long modelling so I have lots of time to focus on the game itself…but I also want to do at least some of the modelling to help solidify my knowledge from the blender course :slight_smile:


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