Where start project with C++ or Blueprint in the project

I have two questions
Would making a survival game or a complete game like PUBG, even chat rooms for fights, be good in BluoBrint?
Or would it be (better) in C++?
A final answer from your experience will literally put me at ease where to start
The last question is: where can I find a reliable course platform where I can learn the C++ language in Ue5?
Currently in UE.5.4.2 I’m not sure C++ isn’t different from before in UE5.0 or UE4 so I’m avoiding youtube
It is also better to avoid BluoBrint
Thank you for your patience

Welcome to the forums @Same.

Lets go over your questions, While a game like this is possible in blueprints, nativaly some functions wont be exposed and you will create blueprintcallabe functions in c++ that you can use in blueprint. It is a very big misconseption that you need to pick one or the other in reality they are supposed to be used together in unison.

Now Personally I would recomend starting learning the c++ language, as then you understand the fundimentals better of what is happening if you have next to no experience coding. You will need to learn both if you want to utilize the full power of unreal. I find it also more easy to intergrate c++ into blueprints than the other way around.

Gamedev.tv offers very good blueprint courses and the beginner c++ course while give you the fundimentals that you need to progress, While it is based of 5.0 there is some API changes so some function names will be different but you have a few choices you can google the new api changes of the name, or follow along in the same engine as the course, then as you learn you can upgrade the project to new version. The choice is ultimatily down to you but, it also comes down to how much programming experience you have.

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