[Where is this course?] I cannot find the Python Blender course on Udemy

Hello everyone. Just 5 minutes ago I was watching the courses of Blender Python but I cannot find anymore on the teacher page.
I remember there were 2 coursed about Blender. One is the Blender Python and the other course was about import Blender assets to Unity.

Are these courses deleted?

Hi, Simon,

Sorry, I missed this post originally.
The 3D model mastery course was trying to cover two aspects of the same course so it has been discontinued.
Two new courses will be created to cover the same teachings but separating the two subjects it was trying to teach.
More information on that as it becomes available.

On the Python course, I am not sure on its status so I am reluctant to comment, I wonder could @Rob shed some light on this?

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The URL for the course is/was: http://www.udemy.com/blenderpython, however, when I browse to that I note that it redirects and part of the URL becomes “/draft/” - it is possible that the course has been un-published as part of GameDev.tv’s plan to end of life some of the courses. That said, if you have access, you should still be able to access the course even when it isn’t displayed in the market place on Udemy.

I could be wrong - probably better that @Ben or @Michael_Bridges advises/confirms.


As far as I am aware, courses go into a private mode, where they no longer appear in the market place. They should still be there for any existing students.

I wasn’t directly involved in the process so hopefully @ben or @Lucy_Becker might be able to shed further light


Thank you

Thank you for answering my question.

I understand

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Thank you very much. For now I’m studing Unity but I was interested in these 2 courses. Maybe there will be a new course that takes both arguments I think.

But anyway I appreciate your answer.

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