Where does UE link "ThirdPersonCharacter"-controls to "BP_ThirdPerson"?

Hello there,
I am currently in the middle of " Unreal 5.0 C++ Developer: Learn C++ and Make Video Games", specifically on the second lection “Obstacle Assault” where in " Customizing The Character" we are changing the inputs.
It all wokrs, camera movement, player movement , yada yada yada
However, I dont quite grasp how the changed ThirdPersonCharacter Blueprint class is able to change the controls of our own BP_ThirdPerson Blueprint wearing mannequin?
Where do these 2 get linked? How does the Movement get to out Player0 ?

Thank you in advance and kind regards :slight_smile:

Ah Guess I am just stupid…
We create our Blueprint as a child from ThirdPersonCharacter
Sry for that…

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