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  1. What axis is up? How about Handedness?

Well most of the time it seems like the axis is the same in most 3D printers, Z being up, X and Y being along the base, yadda yadda yadda. As for Handedness… I honestly have no clue there haha. I think most of the are relatively right handed if by going by Blender’s Axis. However I cannot say for certain as I am using a M3D Micro 3D printer (Do yourself a favor and don’t get one xD they’re way too damn basic, but you work with what you got right?)

  1. Does the scale set in Blender come through?

Once again I admit I cannot say for certain whether or not my 3D printer will have the same scale system as Blender, the only thing I know is that I can give it a try be attempting to print my temple file and see how it goes afterwards. Luckily my printer can adjust the scale sizes of some models, so if I must I at least can shrink it or increase its size if the scale isn’t quite accurate… Plus the M3D software for printing doesnt give you exact sizes either, they just offer numbered dimensions that I’ve never put in the time to figure out if their inches, centimetres or what have you.

  1. Does the model have an appropriate origin?

Well after deliberating about keeping the model flat on the grid in Blender, I set it up to the locations of 1, 1, 4.4543 for the temple, and I had to offset the stairs a bit to remain in place, but for some unknown reason to me I cannot seem to properly join the models as it attempt to essentially erase the staircase I had made, so I exported it as is and hopefully my 3D printer wont have a massive hiccup over it.

  1. Are the Meshes grouped appropriately?

Probably not considering I am not willing to yet risk printing the stair case as a separate part as my printer isn’t very good with keeping measurements super exact without having extrusion issues on widths that I would probably have to spend some time sanding. So like I said, we will see how it goes

  1. Is the model closed? How about the base?

Yes I believe so, the bottom is closed, and the stairway has the ramp beneath it as well, unless I have to actually get beneath it and start making a whole bunch of extra faces for the back of the staircase, which I am hoping to avoid such unecessary-seeming work, but what do I know? I’m the student here, not the master lol

So I just tested my model of my temple build from the class project, and strangely the roof of the building is not being rendered in M3D, as well as the stair case that I still cannot render in M3D either, probably did not join those two pieces properly but I cannot find a way to join them without somehow deleting the staircase in the process of their Joining.

Help Please xD

Hey Travis, hope you have found some solutions to your issues. I am new to Blender and don’t have M3D but do have the Dremel basic 3d printer. I ran across this software that seems pretty promising that you may want to check out. It does come with a price tag but not too bad. I have not used it and therefore can’t give any recommendation, but like I said; it’s worth looking into. It says it supports 100’s of 3d printers. And from what I can tell, it can fix a lot of issues on its own.


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