Where do I find Laser Defender?

Started this course. Love it so far but I dont know where to get the Laser Defender file being used in Lesson 7.


At first I didn’t know where to find it either. I think a section, (similar to how their tutorials are listed) should be made for resources/content.

However I did find it on the site.

Go into the course, click on Course Content. Once that section loads, search Laser.

These are download links, the last one is Completeunitycourse Laser Defender C2008d595968

That from what I can see from inside unity is the full Laser download. Enjoy!


Thank you for this, greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Greatly appreciated, i was looking for this as well :joy:

Sorry to revive this but can’t find that game, the search feature doesn’t search…

Your Laser Defender Assets

Here is a Quick Link for anyone still needing help.
“Laser Defender Assets” is under “Resources for this lecture.”


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