When to create new particle system vs new particle settings

I am confused by the new particle settings option. It would seem to me that I should be able to create one system (eg rabbit fur) and then create multiple settings (eg Body, head, ears, etc.) However, that doesn’t work. Can someone explain the difference between new particle systems vs new settings. What are the circumstances when I should choose one over the other?

Hi Robert,

I might be misunderstanding here but in this section we add one particle system and we weight paint the area creating vertex groups which we assign to where we want the hair based on density.
If for example you had the ears as seperate objects you would need a second particle system on the ears.
If you wanted to make a scene for example you might have multiple particle systems as you can have it emit an object which we will cover later using grasses you will make in this section so have different plants or flowers.

Hope this helps and if i have misunderstood please do let me know

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