When parenting an object to a bone the location of the object changes. Why?

I have a problem parenting objects to bones. I’ve been struggling with this for some time today now. The issue is that the moment I try to parent an object it’s location and rotation are altered. So far I’ve been unable to find a solution online. Images and project file below. I did apply transformations for all objects.

File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2c2156f94ykvakm/Lamp.blend?dl=0

Process: Select object in Object mode Shift select armature Select bone in pose mode CTRL+P -> Bone

Before and after pictures for first two objects + bones:
1 2

I found a workaround, after parenting there’s a box labeled ‘keep transform’. Strange enough I can toggle that on and off and it resets the transformation. Doesn’t matter if I turn it on or off actually.

This is probably not the solution I’m looking for, although it works for now. Would still really appreciate any advice!

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