When Larry met Sally - Love at first light

I had the absolute worst time rigging my lamp, it was all going so well at one point then I ended up having to scrap everything and just build it from the ground up again. A good learning curve in the last few lessons, really testing my patience on such a pernickity task. Congratulations to all the animators and riggers out there.

Now the fun really begins, this is starting to make itself look like an episode of Loony Toons!


Poor Larry, he isn’t the most subtle of lamps

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Most of us wend this road.
A step by step manual on a complex subject does help, but when you forget something. It shows only at the end when you start to animate. And understand things better so a redo is needed.

It is all part of the learning curve. It will happen again because your models will become more complex.
Don’t see it as “Now I understand rigging”. But see it as a good start.
Not everybody likes animation. I do and I know it is a difficult path.

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