When i restart the engine all of BP Child's values resets to it's source value

Okay.Im taking a GameDev Unreal Engine C++ course on Udemy.On the Obstacle Assault section, we create a UPROPERTY named PlatformVelocity iand MoveDistance in MovingPlatform Object .We create Blueprint Childs using that MovementPlatform Object that has code in it.And we make moving platforms.

and platform velocity is a vector which gives X Y Z numbers and that numbers shows where the platform moves and the speed of it.(For an Example You wrote 100 on Y and run it it goes 100 blocks per second on the Y)and the move distance is a Uproperty that tells how much block it can go.(if you wrote 1000 on it it makes it lets the platform go 1000 blocks and reverse the movement a 1000 blocks)

I’ve numbered them each of them differently.At different direction different speed.But when i restart the editor it just resets all of the UPROPERTY’s value.I can’t value them again everytime i restart the Engine, its very hard.How can i fix it?

Please help

See the Live Coding Issues lecture, you need to compile with Unreal closed from VS Code before re-opening the project if you used Live Coding that session.

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