When I add open door to a second door Unreal Crashes

So I got all my code looking exactly like the sample but for whatever reason when I add it to a second door and hit play the engine crashes.

Here is the crash report:

Fatal error!

Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000350

0x00007ffb067618d9 UE4Editor-Engine.dll!UnknownFunction
0x00007ffb53a82423 UE4Editor-BuildingEscape-7197.dll!UOpenDoor::TickComponent() [D:\repos\03_BuildingEscape\BuildingEscape\Source\BuildingEscape\OpenDoor.cpp:47]
0x00007ffb06a9f3fa UE4Editor-Engine.dll!UnknownFunction
0x00007ffb06ac5464 UE4Editor-Engine.dll!UnknownFunction
0x00007ffb077072bc UE4Editor-Engine.dll!UnknownFunction
0x00007ffb08f922d8 UE4Editor-Core.dll!UnknownFunction
0x00007ffb08f9247a UE4Editor-Core.dll!UnknownFunction
0x00007ffb0774f81f UE4Editor-Engine.dll!UnknownFunction
0x00007ffb0775bd12 UE4Editor-Engine.dll!UnknownFunction
0x00007ffb06f7dc4f UE4Editor-Engine.dll!UnknownFunction
0x00007ffb06f88417 UE4Editor-Engine.dll!UnknownFunction
0x00007ffb04dc02f7 UE4Editor-UnrealEd.dll!UnknownFunction
0x00007ffb055dd396 UE4Editor-UnrealEd.dll!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff758e06bb1 UE4Editor.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff758e1554c UE4Editor.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff758e155ca UE4Editor.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff758e2316c UE4Editor.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ff758e25b8e UE4Editor.exe!UnknownFunction
0x00007ffb5f7d4034 KERNEL32.DLL!UnknownFunction
0x00007ffb61b33691 ntdll.dll!UnknownFunction

Here is my header file

#pragma once

#include "CoreMinimal.h"
#include "Components/ActorComponent.h"
#include "Engine/TriggerVolume.h"
#include "OpenDoor.generated.h"

UCLASS( ClassGroup=(Custom), meta=(BlueprintSpawnableComponent) )
class BUILDINGESCAPE_API UOpenDoor : public UActorComponent

	// Sets default values for this component's properties

	// Called when the game starts
	virtual void BeginPlay() override;

	void OpenDoor();
	void CloseDoor();

	// Called every frame
	virtual void TickComponent(float DeltaTime, ELevelTick TickType, FActorComponentTickFunction* ThisTickFunction) override;

	float OpenAngle = -10.f;

	float CloseAngle = -90.f;

	ATriggerVolume* PressurePlate;

	float DoorCloseDelay = 0.15f;

	float LastDoorOpenTime;

	AActor* ActorThatOpens; // remeber pawn inherits from actor
	AActor* Owner; // owns door

Here is my .cpp

#include "OpenDoor.h"
#include "Gameframework/Actor.h"

// Sets default values for this component's properties
	// Set this component to be initialized when the game starts, and to be ticked every frame.  You can turn these features
	// off to improve performance if you don't need them.
	PrimaryComponentTick.bCanEverTick = true;

	// ...

// Called when the game starts
void UOpenDoor::BeginPlay()

	Owner = GetOwner();
	ActorThatOpens = GetWorld()->GetFirstPlayerController()->GetPawn();

void UOpenDoor::OpenDoor()
	Owner->SetActorRotation(FRotator(0.f, OpenAngle, 0.f));

void UOpenDoor::CloseDoor()
	Owner->SetActorRotation(FRotator(0.f, CloseAngle, 0.f));

// Called every frame
void UOpenDoor::TickComponent(float DeltaTime, ELevelTick TickType, FActorComponentTickFunction* ThisTickFunction)
	Super::TickComponent(DeltaTime, TickType, ThisTickFunction);

	// Poll the trigger volume
	// if the actor that opens is in the volume
	if (PressurePlate->IsOverlappingActor(ActorThatOpens))
		LastDoorOpenTime = GetWorld()->GetTimeSeconds();

	// Check if time to close the door
	// if door was open a second ago
		//close door
	if (GetWorld()->GetTimeSeconds() - LastDoorOpenTime > DoorCloseDelay)


Did you make sure to add a trigger volume for it?

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