When deleting&replacing TankTrack blueprint component the Tank no longer moves

Everything seems to work but I have a couple questions out of curiosity:

I tried to replace the existing TankTrack components in the blueprint editor after not seeing my UE_LOG messages, and when I realized that i didn’t have the Simulation Generates checkbox checked, after doing that everything worked, but the Tank no longer responded to my keys. I had upon creating the new component configured the Parent Socket, the Static mesh, Physic Material, and I made sure i hooked it up the fresh components to the Initialise node in the Event Graph of Tank_BP. Did I miss something else?

Also, is this OnHit event supposed to tick even when the tank is still in the air? I noticed that the message pops up while it is still falling to the ground…

Force and or mass?

It isn’t, no.

If thats the case there is definitely something wrong with my project.

Would you be able to take a look as to what is happening with the OnHit issue? my project for now is available to view here (and i am using Unreal Engine 4.19.2):

I just did a test by placing the start position of the player tank higher above ground, and basically the OnHit triggers right when the game begins and not when the tank makes contact with the ground…

as for the Force/Mass of the blueprint delete/replace issue, I double checked the Force attribute after your suggestion and realized i was missing a few zero’s! so at least that solves one issue!

I kept investigating this, and i tried to just do the same thing manually by commenting out the OnComponentHit sections in my C++ files and created the equivalent nodes via the Blueprint editor like what Ben showed in the first part of the lecture, and i noticed that the OnHit events were also firing for my other AI Tanks, so when I deleted them off my map then ran it, the messages popped up once the player possessed tank landed on the ground! Sorry about that, totally my bad. Thank you for the help!!


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