Wheels arent rotating

After i make the changes in the lecture the wheels on the tank aren’t rotating but if i throw only SprungWheel without tank it is rotating.

MassWheelConstraint Details:

Axle Details:

Wheel Details:

AxleWheelConstraint Details:

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Did you found any solutions ?? Same problem here

So, after losing a lot of hair I found that the line of code that was the problem were “MassWheelConstraint->SetConstrainedComponents(BodyRoot, NAME_None, Wheel, NAME_None);” note that I didn’t change the body attachment to the wheel to the new attachment, body to axle, like this: “MassWheelConstraint->SetConstrainedComponents(BodyRoot, NAME_None, Axle, NAME_None);”. But this is not the only thing, you need to create a new blueprint class derived from the C++ one to really change the behavior of the wheel. This solved for me, really hope that will solve the problem to you guys. Ps.: Remember to change the reference on the spawn point in the tank blueprint too.

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Sorry I wasn’t looking at the forum for a while. This is why I didn’t respond. However I fixed it and 1 of the things was that with the Axle instead of Wheel. Thank you very much anyway! And sorry for the slow reposnse. :S