Wheels are not rolling down the hill

I’ve followed the lecture till the and but can’t seem to get the wheels to freely move the tank. They seem to have a lot of weight preventing the Tank to move freely. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! BattleTank Game slide 222.

Shortly after posting this question I found the answer! First off I want to say you should follow all the things mentioned on the Battle Tank slide 222, especially pertaining to settings. Ok, so in the Sprung Wheel BP under “Collision Responses” I was selecting Block to the Axle settings. I un-selected that and instead selected block for the “Wheels” settings instead. That way they would not pass through the ground! Switching these settings helped me in two ways. First, they prevented the wheels from passing through the floor. Secondly, they allowed the freedom I needed for the Tank to sail through the floor. Hope this helps someone else. Have a great day.

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