Wheeled Vehicle Imported Into Battle Tank

It is with great pride that I present to you guys the first step of what I want Battle Tank to become in my personal project. It took me five days, a few stitches on my head (literally, I hit myself on the head because I was distracted thinking about this project) It is still work in progress, but it is getting there. Next step is to hook up the controls into my custom tank.

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This looks great! :smiley:

The collision is spot-on and I like your acceleration down the hill. Also, the wheels rotations are well-synced. Where did you import the vehicle from?

Did you use Blueprints or C++ code, or both?

I made the vehicle in 3DS Max and imported the FBX myself. So far it is not using any code. Just a blueprint that increases the acceleration. I was just testing the movement. I can however point you to the guide I followed to get it done if you want. :slight_smile:

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