What's your work-flow for creating large levels in Blender?

Hello all!

I was hoping you fellow Blender-ers would share your work-flows for creating large levels in Blender.

What do you start with? What’s the first thing you design (floor, walls, etc), and what do you use to make these things (place, cube, etc)? Do you have any tips or tricks for newbies when it comes to creating repetitive architecture (like stares, decorative mouldings, or filler rooms)? Do you do your texturing in Blender and then export the textured level into engines such as Unity or Unreal? Or do you export a bare mesh and texture it in a different program? How do you stay organized when the project starts becoming very large? Do you use any additional programs (Such as zbrush, substance painter, or others)? Is there anything you have to watch out for from the start that may be game breaking and hard to fix later on? Do you create assets in the same file on different layers, or do you create them straight onto your level, or do you make a different project and then export everything into an engine and then start your placements?

I know this is a very general question, but I was hoping for more of a discussion then actual answers :slight_smile:

Feel free to share examples of level design you’ve done! Or tutorials that may have helped you when you were starting out! If you have any questions of your own on the topic, I encourage you to ask here, maybe someone lurking will have a solution :smiley:

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