What's the point of widget ready?

Hi, at around 3:00 of the video, it says we have an issue that if you use mouse button to click on the start, it would not work, so you need the widget ready.

Firstly, I can see from the video that the mouse button did work…

Secondly, I indeed can use the mouse button to start the game…

So I’m really confusing about this lecture, and I feel like something important was skipped.

Also, I created a custom widget ready function in the main menu widget, but unable to locate it from the main menu level blueprint.

I used the construct event without problems. Didn’t see the need for a custom event that basically did the same thing.

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Any ideas about “this issue” with widget on 3.00? because i dont have any (version 4.15). I can use mouse button inside “MainMenu_BP” and “MainMenu”(level). So what is the point to make a new widget ?
4 month and no answer?

@ben, can you explain this to us?

I agree this made no sense; in fact, not only did the controller button not work to start the game like he said, but input all together was locked after loading the level.

I must now temporarily disable this event until a further explanation hopefully clears it up.

Did using the Event Construct node work? So instead of creating and calling a custom event just do this


I tried that for Input Mode Game and UI, but i think I forgot the pin for the target. But in the next video he did what you showed here. I still don’t get why in his version pressing any button on keyboard or gamepad automatically validates the on click event for the start button in the UI

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