Whats the difference between addTorque and transform.Rotate?

whats the difference between addTorque and transform.Rotate ?

I believe, if I’m not mistaken, that addTorque applies physics, like inertia. The result is more ‘analog’, as your gameobject will start moving slowly and gradually get faster as more torque is applied. Much like rolling a tire on the concrete, it will slow down to a stop when the force is relieved. The full effect is not immediate. It has to ‘build up’ or ‘wind down’.

Rotate is a more ‘digital’ type of ‘on and off’. There is no gradual increase. It goes from 0 to 1 or from 1 to 0 immediately. Very abrupt.

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AddTorque is a Rigidbody method. The Rigidbody is part of the physics simulation. If we call one of its methods, we have the physics simulation handle the rotation and the values in the Transform.

With transform.Rotate, we manipulate Transform values directly. We use that method if we want to have full control over the game ob


ty @Nina, btw does the addtorque have the build up and wind down forces applied ? (look at Jay_For_Short comment above please :slight_smile:

Have you already taken a look at the description in the API? There are different modes.

AddTorque adds a force depending on the modes. However, there might be other forces working on the player, for example, “drag” and “angular drag” (see the Rigidbody component). The physics simulation applies those forces, too. How they get applied is unknown to us.

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