Whats the best way to learn how to script in godot

i am trying to make a 2d platformer game for mobile so i can then work to making bigger and better things like 3d games or vr games but i dont know how to script and most of what i do know i dont fully understand i would like a good way to lern how to code game in godot and understand them so i could script with some speed and not needing to take much look to know whats wrong with the code if theres an error thanks to anyone that would take the time to help me learn a way to understand and make code

Hi Ethan,

Practice makes perfect and trying things out for yourself.
Starting simple and building up like we do in the courses of getting a character moving on a screen before adding anything more complex is a good way to start.
Unfortunately debugging errors is just part of writing code and you will always have to do this but learning how to recognise simple mistakes as they happen again comes with practise and experience.

I see that you have our mobile course but it may be worth also looking at our 2D and 3D courses as well as a lot of the coding concepts are the same on how to do things.

Hope this helps

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Marc is absolutely right in that you have to learn to walk before learning to run, but in addition to that, one of the best things you can do is research debugging strategies. Personally, I think this is something that every beginner programming course should have, and every intermediate one as well (since by then, those strategies will make more sense and there is room for advanced strategies). Things like using print statements to check your control flow, isolating problem areas with divide-and-conquer testing (anything that gives you usable information regardless of what actual result comes out), rubber duck debugging (yes, that’s a real term), and parsing error statements as a human. All of these things are abstract skills that will help you no matter what language or project you work on; they will reduce your debugging time, and help you solve problems that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to solve.

If you’re serious about learning programming, definitely take some time and learn about these things so you can practice using them while learning to code. There’s no magic bullet out there, but this will make bug-fixing WAY more manageable.

The 11 rules listed here are a great starting point:

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I know most people don’t read books anymore, as its so much easier to just ask GPT.
But, there are a lot of good Godot 4.x books and what makes them different (if you read them) is they cover a wider selection of material than a single AI response or even a single project. This is a couple of good ones that have come out recently:

  • Godot 4 Game Development Projects, 2nd Edition
  • The Essential Guide to Creating Multiplayer Games with Godot 4.0

I second this, In fact one of our instructors (Luis) in our godot rpg course provides a booklet with the course because we do learn from book very well alongside a video learning course.

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Understanding the concepts and theory is important, but nothing beats hands-on experience. The more you create and experiment with code, the more confident you will become in your programming skills. Practice not only helps you consolidate your learned knowledge, but also allows you to develop creative thinking and find solutions to real-world problems. Ultimately, practice is the key to becoming a proficient game developer.

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