Whats going on with my verticies?

Im trying to do the barrel and ive noticed that these verticies when i press G and only G are making a new point… or here is an invisible point here from when i did scale on the faces… did i do something wrong? is there possibly a setting i have thats making it do it?

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It looks like you probably extruded and then pressed right-click or escape. That only cancels the move part of the operation and leaves the vertices that were created.

To fix it, select all with the a key, after that press m then b to merge by distance.


ty ill give it a go. i do press right click normally to cancel out


Probably they were created by cancelling an extrusion.

When you start an extrusion, pressing E, new geometry is created immediately.

Then it waits for an instruction of where to move it to.

If, as many do, For some reason you escape or right click etc to cancel the tool, perhaps to think more about the next move, it only cancels the next movement part of the E extrude you instructed, not the first instant part of the new geometry creation.

This is also why the merge by distance sorts it out. As the new geometry never got told to move anywhere, it is sitting right on top of the geometry it was created from. It is why you are not aware of it as well! There can be other signs like ‘hashing’ if whole faces are fighting for the same exact space.

If aware you are cancelling a started extrusion, also do a Ctrl Z, undo. That undoes the first pressing of E, the creation of the geometry.

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