What would you like to see in this section?

We’d love to know while it’s not too late, also see this Facebook post

What I am most interested in is how UE4 is built, not just how it is used. I would love to know how to change the engine source code properly to allow for custom rendering or custom physics. I am trying to create a volume renderer in UE4 and the source code is a slight black box.

In general more advanced materials, features, physics etc are also of interest. Might be a bit too difficult for this level, but I thought I would put this out there.

I´d really love to have procedural generation, complex AI (BehaviourTree, Animations, Blackboards, DataTables) and a RPG-like melee combat-system. As we had with battletank a example for range based attacks, I´d love to see melee implementations. (maybe adding some range-based attacks as addition)

Another addition: I´d love to have a different course-start approach … like a big challenge to utilisize everything you learned to get to set up a basic project with movement, world-creation, some UI, etc. … so we could jumpstart not again @0 . For those, who haven`t already the knowledge … they can still pull the Start-Point from your GitHub =)

Btw. I really love the concept of creating some HungerGame, really love it!

P.S. I´d also like to have a deep-dive in UE, but I think it`s just too early … an engine is very complex and I´d focus on getting some games together, before diving in the source code @higher level.

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Seeing how this section will have multiplayer will there be seperate meshes for 1st person and 3rd person view? I remember when UE4 first came out and playing around in it and instead of having seperate meshes for each like in the ShooterGame example I just hacked it by “strategically” placing the camera in a TP mesh.

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I would like to learn more about networking in c++.


I would like to see a grapplingHook that pulls the player towards the walls, trees etc but pulls enemies that are not that heavy towards them self. Zooms in the camera when the player is aiming with a weapon.

Shoot a projectile where the crosshair is on the screen(I kinda understand how it was done with the tank but i don’t know how its done from a third person view or a first person view). And a focus on instant hit weapons like a rifle and laser guns where the projectile doesn’t travel over a distance like in the tank section.

From what I make of the GDD, stealth would have a large role (if the player wanted to go that way)

What would be interesting is how a player could possess a CCTV camera in the scene from a terminal. This would be to look at the path of a guard, or work out a route through a challenge stage.

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I’d like to see standard game progression functionality…

Menus, win conditions, lose conditions, lives, pickups, inventory, checkpoints, save games, load games. Basic stuff that any reasonably lengthy game would have to allow for progression

Kinda trying to figure it out myself right now, but it’s a tough slog. Would be nice, even if not for me (i.e. I might have figured it out by the time all the vids are released), for everyone else taking the course - so that we all know how to produce a full game loop, from menu start to mission complete to next level to game complete. And if I haven’t figured it out, it’d be super handy for me too! :smiley:

Liking that idea, maybe unlock access to CCTV by cracking a Bull Cow game puzzle?

Sounds like a great re-use of the Bull Cow game to me!

Funny, I was just thinking of shoe-horning the Bull Cow game into Building Escape somehow before Testing Grounds starts shipping. The whole “mini-game inside a terminal” idea is a good one. It worked very well in Fallout 4…

I agree, Building Escape was just too early.

Hi Ben

Do you have any plans of introducing Quaternions in this section?

I am struggling with gimbal lock in a project of mine and ever since you mentioned quaternions (section 04, while setting up SpringArm) I was hoping you would show them in some way.

And another addition for the landscape-iteration-part … would be awesome to have a deep dive into materials … focussing on creating water-material for a river/cascade … and even a waterfall. Also another interesting point would be lightning … how to create atmosphere .

The 2 things I would like to see would be Prototyping in Blueprints then converting it into C++ as Blueprints are really great at that but are a bit slow in a final product. The other would be creating procedural loot generation with random stats on objects.

For features for TestingGrounds if it is not to late a cover type system so you can hide behind a short crate.

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Your wish is our command, we just covered this in the latest two lectures today.

Networking in UE4 would be very helpful since almost all games nowadays have it!

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