What version control ecosystem are YOU using?

I’d love to hear what combination you’ve decided to go for as part of this lecture?

Currently I use Gitbash (yes, I’m old school - emphasis on old :slight_smile: ). I use both Github and Gitlab. Looking forward to learning to use Sourcetree.

I plan on using Sourcetree and Github for this course.

That said, from what I’ve been able to find out so far, Github limits project size to 500MB whereas Gitlab gives you 10GB per project. So for large projects I tend to use Gitlab so I don’t have to worry about running out of space.

Also, I’m hoping this course will cover how to handle LFS for large Unity assets. I’ve seen some Indy developers use Unity collab for their large project assets and Git for project source code. Their rationale for doing this is that they’ve experienced issues with Git database compression with some of their Unity assets.

At some point, I hope to learn how to use some of the devops features like CI Pipelines that Gitlab offers.

Git through Gitbash when I’m on Windows, or just plain old Git when I’m on Linux. The graphical tools are nice but Git is open-source. It will always be there for you, even if the proprietary tools disappear.

Gtg from gnome team works really well as a git GUI client, and I also have used Github, Gitlab, Codecommit and Gitea. You should check those.