What to do when Editor crashes on startup?

It is not the first time it has happened to me. Usually fixing a bad line in Code or reverting to last commit would do the trick.
But not this time. I have reverted to random generation of clutter and I could reset hard that commit too but since it was working earlier on I am afraid it wouldnt change a thing.
The error I am getting from log is as such : Object(const FObjectInitializer&) constructor called but it’s not the object that’s currently being constructed with NewObject. Maybe you trying to construct it on the stack which is not supported.
I am thinking that something in the Static folder might explain reverting doesnt help but apart from adding the models I haven’t changed it.

I had completely forgotten about the generated files although it already happened to me in the past…
Deleted the Intermediate/build folder and restarted the editor to rebuild them.

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