What the what

I’ve been pretty good throughout these courses, however I feel that this particular quiz course is so unnecessarily difficult and hard to follow that its really depressed me to the point of quitting.


Yeah I did the Unity2D course as well, and I did notice that as well, however, Tilevania is actually slightly easier, and more thoroughly explained. I would recommend doing Tilevania first, and then go into quiz master.

Hope this helps!


I’ve seen more than a few students complaining about that section and I totally agree with @Christopher_Powell, it’s better to do to the other sections first.


I think the problem is a lack of reasoning on why use certain codes and what that codes does…for example “.text” is very simple but almost skipped what it does or “new string” before setting up the numbers of arrays, sure you can imagine it, but still…in this lecture in particular i’m baffled why to get the anwers we have to take the “QuestionSO question” instead of the answers one, and my brain is melting out of my ears.

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