What the main function does

It starts off by calling a function the seems to be a random number generator that accepts a parameter, time, which is also a function that accepts a parameter of null. It then declares two variables. I don’t know the difference between int and int const. A while loop is started that will run as long as the value of the variable LevelDifficulty is not greater than the value of the MaxDifficulty variable. While the condition remains true, it loops a section of code. It sets a boolean, bLevelComplete, based on the result of the function, PlayGame. To be honest I don’t completely understand that statement even though I know what it is doing if that makes any sense… It then seems to do some kind of error clearing based on the comments in the code. The last portion of the while loop has an if statement that increases the difficulty if the level is complete. Once the while loops reaches its condition and completes, a string is printed congratulating you on completing the game. I don’t know what the return 0 does. I think nothing, but i’m not completely sure.