What platforms are you thinking of targeting?

What file paths do you get for Application.persistentDataPath?

I’d like to make it as cross platform as possible, but am focusing primarily on Android initially as there is a great shortage of good RPGs on mobile in my opinion.

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Mac: /Users/cam/Library/Application Support/DefaultCompany/RPG/game.save

I want to target Mac OSX since there is not a lot of rpg games on mac

Lloyd Risper

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I get C:/Users/Alectra/AppData/LocalLow/SunStar Production Studios/RPG Project\save.sav when running it locally

I really would like to target Android and iOS, since my goal is to be creating mobile games. For now, I am publishing as WebGL for testing. I am hoping at the end, I can figure out how to convert whatever needs changing so that I can publish it for mobile devices.

It should be if you don’t do anything custom with shaders.

for the moment I’m targeting Windows but plan on releasing it in WebGL. Eventually, I’m hoping to release a game that allows for simultanious play on mobile and Console/PC/Mac

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Hi! I am working with Windows only for now,
In the future, I would like to move to Android.

Got the nice PC one here C:/Users/ued-s/AppData/LocalLow/DefaultCompany/Dragon RPG\save.sav

Linux, as I always do.

The path would be

Saving to /home/USERNAME/.config/unity3d/DefaultCompany/rpg_01-2018/RPG_Save.sav

so, /home/USERNAME is my $HOME directory., DefaultCompany is the default that Unity put into the project settings, rpg_01-2018 would be the project’s name, and RPG_Save is what I set my defaultSaveFilename to be.

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