What platform do you want to develop for?

Curious what platforms people are interested in developing games for - PC, mobile, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Steam, etc.

I’m mostly interested in Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV since those seem like largely untapped markets, although Steam and the Wii U seem interesting as well - the latter to see what I can do with the control interfaces. :slight_smile:

I’m mostly going to focus on PC/Browser and Mobile.

It really depends on the game I happen to be making. Most of what I have in mind seems more suited to desktop or mobile devices.

Call question, why not add a poll?

Android and PC (via steam, maybe) . Mobile games are still an emerging market here. But since building games in mobile devices is rather restricted (on hardware capabilities), I also targeting the PCs for heavier games.

PC and Android mainly. I would consider Apple but I don’t own any of the products.

Mobile and one day hopefully vr :slight_smile:

PC. The way steam supports indie games is awesome. Also the modding aspect would allow better interactions with community ideas. Though the mobile games market is fairly strong, and even a silly game like flappy bird can gain huge success.


VR, PC and Mobile

iOS/Android handsets and tablets primarily. Also Cardboard and GearVR.

@ben Because I don’t know how yet. :wink:

  • Planning to develop on the Samsung Gear VR? Yes
  • No

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I was initially resistant to PC, because I thought that was what indie developers chickened out too if they couldn’t make a “real game” for a console. After all, I had seen a whole bunch of throwaway shareware games for PCs, whereas the console games were actually good! But with major studios lending legitimacy to Steam as well as mobile games, it’s showing that those games can be good, if they’re done well, so I’m coming around. :wink:

Planning to develop on the Samsung Gear VR?

  • Yes
  • No

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  • Android
  • Windows
  • Mac (When I can afford to get one xD)
  • Linux

Pc, and possibly VR: Pc Is Master Race.

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PC: mostly aiming to bring games to linux.

Console initially, redesigned mobile ports to follow. PC port on steam… if I some how made enough money to employ assistance lol!

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