What order should I do the courses in?

I’m confused about the order of the courses. I originally purchased the 3D course and the RPG course. I liked the 3D course so much that I bought the 2D and Blender about a week or so later before even finishing the 3D course, which I just finished up last night. It looks though, like the 2D course also gets into 3D and the RPG is tagged as intermediate. Should I have started with the 2D course? I think that is the one I will do next, then RPG. Blender will be last if at all. I’m more interested in the coding and I’ve made peace with the fact that I’m not an artist.

Hi Rhine,

Don’t worry. You did everything right. Both the Unity 2D and the 3D course cover the fundamentals of C#, programming and Unity. It does not matter where you start.

If you already completed the 3D course, ignore the 3D projects in the 2D course unless you are really interested in them. The 3D projects in the 2D course are very old and have a lot of flaws which will not get fixed anymore. Only the 2D courses have been updated recently.

Are you interested in 2D games? If so, proceed with the 2D course. You will recognise a lot what you already learned in the 3D course but you’ll also learn a few new techniques, and 2D elements, of course.

If you are not interested in the 2D project and if you want to dive a bit deeper into C# before starting with the RPG course, you could spend a couple of hours with this free C# course by Bob Tabor. I’m mentioning it because Microsoft is about to retire their courses soon.

Do you want to focus on 3D only and do you feel familiar with Unity and C#? If so, proceed with the RPG course. If you feel that the course is a bit too difficult, you can always pause it, proceed with the 2D course and come back to the RPG course at a later juncture.

This is my personal recommendation. There is not “the one way you must follow to succeed, or you will fail”. Do what you like. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response Nina. I am more interested in making 3d projects but im not against 2d. I think im gonna go through the 2d because i have zero experience with unity and with programming. Even if it went over the exact same things i dont think it could hurt to see it all again before moving on to the rpg course. I’ll definitely check out the free course you mentioned as well. It is dissapointing to hear that the 3d projects in the 2d course are old and flawed because i was looking forward to the fps section. At the end of the 3d course there is a mention in the things to come about a fps section starting in the winter of 2018. Is the fps in the 2d course what that is referring to? Or are there plans to make a new one or redo that course?

Is the fps in the 2d course what that is referring to?

Yes, Rick is referring to the old Zombie Runner project.

It is dissapointing to hear that the 3d projects in the 2d course are old and flawed because i was looking forward to the fps section.

Rick is planning to create an improved Zombie Runner version for the 3D course. However, he has not found time yet to start with it because it will be a more complex project. You will have to wait for a couple of months. That new Zombie Runner will not be added to the 2D course because it is 3D.

If you are interested in the old Zombie Runner, you can still follow the videos. A few students are currently doing that. However, it might be that you’ll have to downgrade Unity because the assets we use there seem not to be working with 2018.3 anymore.

As aforementioned, this was my personal recommendation only, which is based on my personal interests. I’m a very bad player, so I do not like FPS much because I usually lose after around 5-10 seconds. If you enjoy FPS, that’s a different story. Again: Do what you like.

By the way, you could also ask our helpful community of students for advice in our official Discord chat.

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