What Math Topics Are Important?

So guys I’ve started with Unity 2D course and i’ll probably move to 3D as i progress . What i really wanted to know is what kind of math topics would be helpful as a game developer. I know math is important and it helps you a lot it’s been a while and i haven’t touched math for years. I don’t want to delay this probably learn math side by side when i’m finishing this course.

Hi Suraj,

Do you already know Ben’s maths course? It is still early access. On his kickstarter page for the course, you can find a diagram with some of the most important topics. Scroll down a bit.

Also please feel free to ask our helpful community of students for advice in our official Discord chat.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I used to do basic math but it’s been long and i haven’t done math in 2 years or so. Either way I might have to get back at it I feel and i wanted to know what topics would be important so i’d cover them first.

The link that you gave isn’t working

Which link? I tested both, and they are working for me.

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