What made everyone choose Unreal?

I was originally going to learn Unity and actually got pretty far into it. I was also slightly thinking about CryEngine but then I switched to Unreal after seeing its graphical power (mainly the demo of Titanic Honor and Glory) and its blueprint system was the push that won me over

Hi, Anthony In the Unreal 2 days, I made 10 maps using the editing tools they weren’t great but I really enjoyed doing them. So now that they give you the entire game dev suite in one package. I went back to it as a hobby. I have already been working in 3d Studio Max, Maya, and Photoshop for a while. So I can create assets for Unreal or even Unity that makes it even easier to make the maps. Not to mention all of the support and tutorials that epic supports it’s fan base with.

Thanks, Hope you enjoy Unreal


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I think the main reason for me choosing is EPIC and Blueprints. I always respected and admired Epic as a company since their first game Unreal.

I think its important to have a vision and a style of achieving it and both my vision and my style is aligned of that of Epic .

Part of that vision and style is my preference towards visual coding and live coding. So it came as no surprise that Blueprints combine both of these ways of coding because frankly I would have never chosen C++ because I know how cumbersome language can be.

But since I know that learning Blueprints would not be much of challenge since I am coding for almost 30 years now for fun when I found this course I jumped on the opportunity of dusting off my C++ skills that I have not touched for over 20 years now since I discovered I am far more productive with dynamic languages like Python.

Of course I know C++ may come handy under specific case , still I am going to use it as less as possible.

For me at least there was never a second option, it was , it is and it will ever be Unreal all the way.

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I want to be able to use the blueprint system to mock up quicker prototypes.

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