What is wrong with my code?

I have spent ages trying to work out why my code wont compile but i just cant find out what is wrong with it. Any help would be much appreciated! The only thing that i can think that is the problem is that GetValidWords is out of scope no matter where i move it, it is just not working.

What’s the error?

  [1/5] BullCowCartridge.cpp
   C:\Users\sdp01\OneDrive\Documents\Bull and cow game\BullCowGame-starter-kit\Source\BullCowGame\BullCowCartridge.cpp(110) : error C2511: 'TArray<FString,FDefaultAllocator> UBullCowCartridge::GetValidWords(TArray<FString,FDefaultAllocator>)': overloaded member function not found in 'UBullCowCartridge'
  C:\Users\sdp01\OneDrive\Documents\Bull and cow game\BullCowGame-starter-kit\Source\BullCowGame\BullCowCartridge.h(10): note: see declaration of 'UBullCowCartridge'
   C:\Users\sdp01\OneDrive\Documents\Bull and cow game\BullCowGame-starter-kit\Source\BullCowGame\BullCowCartridge.cpp(115) : error C2352: 'UBullCowCartridge::IsIsogram': illegal call of non-static member function
  C:\Users\sdp01\OneDrive\Documents\Bull and cow game\BullCowGame-starter-kit\Source\BullCowGame\BullCowCartridge.cpp(92): note: see declaration of 'UBullCowCartridge::IsIsogram'
  [2/5] BullCowCartridge.gen.cpp

I just started again from the beginning and didn’t have the problem this time, I don’t know what happened but it seems to have gone away.

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@Audhumbla on Discord has pointed out that they got those two errors for missing const on GetValidWords