What is this yellow sphere after my tank died? (ToonTanks)

I am trying to rebuild the ToonTank project by myself without the assets from the course.

I built the models of tank, tower and projectile by blender and the emitters by Unreal Niagara System, etc.

After some trying, I finally get almost all the features introduced in the course done.

But one problem now I cannot solve remains. There is a yellow sphere after my tank is destroyed and be hidden by SetActorHiddenInGame(true).


I tried to select it after pressed F8, but it is not selectable. And it is exactly at the place of the BP_TankPlayer0, the position of my tank.

I checked the source, there is no DrawDebugShphere in my source code.

I want to know what this is and how to remove it?

The whole project is here: programus/MazeTank (github.com)

It’s a debug sphere but I don’t see any calls to DrawDebugSphere in C++ or BP anywhere

Is it part of your EndGameWidget?

Yes. I also wondered whether it is a debug sphere, but there is no DrawDebugSphere call. That’s why I am here for help.

Thank you for your response.

But I don’t think it is a part of the EndGameWidget.

First, I didn’t put anything like this into the EndGameWidget, there are only TextBlocks.
Second, after I pressed F8 and move around, the parts in EndGameWidget will move with my viewport, but this sphere is just staying at the position of the dead tank, which body is hidden.

Actually this sphere is always there, even the tank is alive, but if the tank body is there, the sphere is just covered and cannot be seen.

I tried to select the tank and scale and move every parts, and I found that this sphere will move with the turret part.

But I checked the turret model, there is no such a sphere in the model.

Finally, I find out what the yellow sphere is!

It is a debug sphere, which is not drawn by my code, but by Camera Lag in SpringArm.

I enabled Camera Lag and also checked Draw Debug Lag Markers by mistake.


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