What is the purpose of using cached poses in Animation

Hi , i was just wondering what is the purpose of using Cached poses, the video does not explain the reason for using it and i tried google it and looking at the unreal engine documentation and cant find a clear explanation for it, hope someone can advise me on this.


Do you understand what caching means in general?

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Can you refer me to the point in the course where they are referred to or used so I can have some context.

Hi @beegeedee ,

It’s under the " Unreal 5 Stealth Combat: Make Stealth Games in UE5 Blueprint" course video “Crouch Locomotion State” , i’ve attached a screenshot at the point where cached poses is used(video at 1:26 min)

Hi @DanM ,

Yes i’m aware of what caching in general is for.

I’m new to using Unreal engine 5, thus i don’t quite get it when used in the animation context

It just means it holds it in memory for performance reasons. Nothing more than that.

EDIT: It is like creating a variable that refers to the output of locomotion so it can be accessed elsewhere, as in caching the results of the Locomotion State Machine.

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