What is the correct way to animate models with clothings?

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I am trying to animate my character using rigify rig.

My character is a single mesh on its on. I then created a pair of shorts and some bracers for the hands and legs, which are all separate meshes position on top of the character mesh. Then everything is parented to the rigify rig independently (see outliner in image below)

What I learnt is that it is very difficult to control how the independents meshes will deform under different rig poses. As can see from image below, the leg is cutting through the leg bracer. I tried all ways to weight paint, and twist and turn the bones, but still unable to perfect it.

Is there any trick or best practice how to animate character with clothes?


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Yes, this is a common problem.

  • You could merge the clothing with the main, single object. Because, if you never will see the parts hidden by the clothing, why bother maintaining them?
  • Blender has the modifier shrink wrap, which wraps a mesh around another objects mesh.
  • Improve the behavior of the mesh under control of the mesh by repainting the bone’s weightpaint.
  • You can use mesh shape keys to fine-tune some vertices.

If character building is your goal, did you try the Grant GameDev character (manga girl) course?
It will discuss al the aspects.

Have fun!

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I am practicing with knowledge from the other course. I have the manga girl course, will go through it. Thanks for the tip.

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Weight Painting is the way you are looking to !

assign right weight to the relevant bones for the clothes!

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Not sure… it’s really difficult to weight paint. On a low poly model, there’s not much vertices to work with and it seems there will always be some angle where the meshes will overlap.

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