What is the correct Bone system to use for Animated .FBX assets?

I am trying to import my animated .FBX character into Unreal Engine 5.2, but every time I try to import the file Unreal Engine fail’s to import the file, the Output Log reads;

I am using 3DS Max with the Biped bone system to animate my character. I will test the IK bone system to see if UE5 imports that instead. This error should not be happening because 3DS Max’s Biped bone system is a single root bone !.
Any body have any solutions ?. I will test the IK bone system and report back.

Any body else who is new to creating their own animated .FBX character files for Unreal Engine, and you are using 3DS Max, or Maya, or any 3D modelling software the above problem will only happen if you don’t select the correct export option’s in the translation software of your 3D graphics software.
Biped bones and IK bones can both be imported into Unreal Engine. You have to make sure you disable the “Encapsulate Mesh data into bone hierarchy” option before you export your animated 3D character file to the .FBX file format.

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