What is the best practice with Git

Starting with the project I thought I would be a good boy and have ready Source Tree and GitHub ready. I’ve committed my project with .gitignore the works, then I proceeded with the assets and as most people can guess it’s a huge commit to make. I keep getting an error saying something like this

error: RPC failed; curl 18 transfer closed with outstanding read data remaining

I know nothing is above 100mb so GitLFS isn’t needed, should I commit smaller amounts till it’s done? But that feels janky and I want to learn properly, I’ve googled the error but to no avail, so any help on that would be nice!

But in the real world how would you get around this? If for example in this day and age we have to work from home and i wanted to share say this starter project what would be the best practices? Using Git or something more suitable? Or should Git be used only for text/code files?

Well from what I understand that error is to do with poor internet connection


If the solutions in the link don’t work a workaround you could use is to move all static assets out of the repo and zip them up and provide them separately and could upload them to your GitHub releases section.

Brilliant, thank you mate! I’m trying to learn and focus on getting this right now before I go any further so appreciate it.

Also for anyone struggling with Git or this problem, I found this link which explained it very well.

I think the assets in the asset pack are too large for GitHub without LFS. I’ve been using Gitlab which has higher limits.

I’ve been thinking about GitLab, would you say it’s better or is it purely preference?

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Well it’s materially better if your project is too big. Otherwise I think it’s mostly preference. It’s all Git so you can easily move back and forth between them. You can even host on both.

Thank you Sam, I know you’re busy buddy but appreciate you guys taking time to answer my silly questions! :smiley:

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