What is the best order to do the blender courses?

Ive started with the Low Poly Landscape and now moved onto the Low Poly character and a lot seems to be duplicated so just wondering what the best order to do these in is?

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My suggestion would be to start with the Complete Blender Course and then just go from there depending on your personal goals and preferences. Also, practice, practice a lot, and be consistent with it, believe me, I know, I’m super inconsistent and my progress has been so, so slow, I should be way better by now, but I’m not.

If you want to practice in a friendly environment I suggest checking out the Blender Collab that @FedPete hosts here on the forums.


Hi there,
well, if you already did Low Poly landscape & Low Poly Chars you seem quite prepared to me :slight_smile:

You will probably always find some doubling in the courses which is easy to understand as they are aimed at beginners as well, so explaining the basics once more makes a lot of sense.

Here’s a tip how I go with this:
Just repaet the basic parts in every new course. The knowlegde will become more implemented into your memory and becvomnes more and more a routine. And yet you will probably always find another little thing in those repititions that you haven’t understood/seen/noticed before, so it’s just good practice to repeat the basics once more :slight_smile:

And now: Happy blending!


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