What is the average file size for a Unity Project?

I occurs to me that when i joined, I didn’t realize if Unity and/or Blender & other game development software could possibly take a toll on my storage.

I have often deterred away from 3D Modeling because I was afraid of the large file size and large amount of RAM needed to run Maya.

From anyone’s experience, does Unity projects and file assets take a lot of space?

Currently I have a 250 GB Solid State SATA Drive as my main HD (with 89.08 GB left) and an internal storage 1 TB SATA Drive (with 365.58 GB left). I also have a few external drives I can use but the highest I only have is 1TB and I dunno if that will help. Finally, I have been arranging and deleting files into order to optimize my storage capacity for Unity, though I’m not sure

So my other inquiry would be, what are the best storage options to be working on Unity Projects and game projects in general?

Is the average project (like Magic Numbers or Adventure or Rollerball) simply measured in mere KiloBytes and I'm worried about nothing?

Or do I have to start investing in another external drive just for the projects?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated

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Hi @C-Abdulio,

This is a little bit like one of those how long is a piece of string questions :slight_smile:

The answer, of course, is that it is going to vary depending on the project. Regarding Unity, I happen to have on my laptop all of the projects from the 5 sections of the Complete Unity Developer course and they weigh in at 410mb for myself. They are all fairly low on assets, e.g. simple sprites, small audio files - as the size of your assets grow, the size of your project will grow.

As a bit of an example, I have the Unity RPG project files on my laptop at this time also, it’s about 3 sections in so far and it weighs in at around 707mb, I am using the assets provided in the course as opposed to sourcing additional ones, so different people may have a different response, but my point is - it will vary.

From the perspective of working your way through the Complete Unity Developer course you have more than enough space in my opinion.

Blender I cannot really give much of an answer for, but I would imagine this could be considerably bigger, again, depending on the model, textures and so on.


Well… I have finished both blender and unity courses and also added a bunch of stuff to the games presented in the course besides doing a few other games from other sources, I also use substance and krita to help me create the art (both have heavy file types). The project files, references etc shouldn’t take too much space. without counting Sound assets, my overall unity repository folder have around 25GB (27 projects). I’m not a storage saver and this was made during more or less 2 years. You should be OK with your current setup imo


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