What is going on here ;'(

when i choose edge and try to extrude, it only extrudes edge.
how do i extrude with faces both side following along?


Not sure, what you are asking.

  • Select a vertex and extrude, another vertex will be created AND an edge.
  • Select an edge and extrude, other edges will be created to build a (quad)face.
  • Select a face and extrude, other faces (edges, vertices) will be created.

If this behaves differently then you have probably double geometry. Use merge by distance to solve that problem first.

Select more edges, or better select the face involved.


My guess is you mean to raise a sloping roof square on to the back of the building.
You do not want to Extrude for that. Just G grab and move that ridgeline to be, up.

Extruding is correctly extruding what you selected, just the edge.


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